Bridge Loans & Commercial Financing

GFCIB are experts at getting the best possible bridge loans & financing for businesses as well as commercial and investment real estate

DIP (Debtor in Possession Financing) – DIP Financing is unique from other financing methods in that is usually has priority over existing debt equity and other claims. DIP financing is considered attractive because it is done only under order of the Bankruptcy Court, which is empowered by the Bankruptcy Code. DIP financing can also provides corporate financing to engage in a  prepacked bankruptcy where the assert based lender provide DIP financing supplies the funds to work out a settlement wit creditors up front,in order to walk into a corporate bankruptcy court with a prepackaged settlement.

Bridge Loans for Real Estate Purchases

Bridge Loans for Refinancing Mortgages – We specialize in providing quick financing to commercial property owners who have to pay off their existing debt quickly.  This typically happens when the loan is in default or the existing lender is offer a discount to get the loan paid off quickly.

Permanent Commercial Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

Equipment Leasing

Working Capital Financing

Discounted Note Purchase Financing –  GFCIB has financed clients who were either existing borrowers of an existing financial institution or new buyers who have an interest in purchased performing or non performing notes at a discount from a lender. When a bank permits a discounted note purchase, the transaction is tantamount to a “short-sale” on a note. Discounted note purchase financing permits our clients to purchase the promissory note of a commercial real estate property as opposed to the property itself. GFCIB provides this service via our portfolio of lenders. We enable you to access alternative commercial financing products through us that many banks do not even know exist or simply would not have an interest in granting an extension of credit to you. Leverage levels vary, depending on each individual situation and underlying collateral. The Discounted Note purchase price will need to be discounted to a level that makes economic sense to the new lender.

Mezzanine and Equity

All credit, cash flow and situations considered. Rates and Terms are deal appropriate. Short and Long Term financing available.

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