Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Support and Administration

GFCIB has performed bankruptcy support administration services for clients of all sizes in industries of all types across America. Our team has dedicated 20+ years to serving investors, financial professionals, and bankers with reliability, dependability, and bankruptcy expertise in both pre-filing activity as well as in Chapter 11.

Over this time, we’ve pinpointed exactly what is needed to achieve a successful Confirmation, and we know exactly how to execute it.

Every business has unique capabilities, levels of expertise, time commitments, and industry perspectives. Therefore, we consistently provide meticulous, case-by-case services, rather than a standard, “one size fits all” treatment. GFCIB collaborates with the existing management team to supplement their inherent talents with ancillary services and resolve all issues.

GFCIB knows how to navigate the process from start to finish, and we will provide you with every possible financial and strategic resource at our disposal to achieve maximum returns. Leave the details, the deadlines, and the deal to us – we’ll handle everything.

Our Pledge

Real-life issues involving bankruptcy and restructuring must be solved with creative financial strategies and strong negotiations. We are not a firm seeking to capitalize on your position; instead, we are former bankers, private lenders, and real estate investors who comprehend, have endured, and have resolved the very same issue.


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Administrative Resources

  • Restructuring, Workout and Turnaround negotiations to avoid Bankruptcy reorganization filing
  • Bankruptcy Pre-Planning
  • Notice & First Day Motions
  • List of 20 largest creditors
  • Schedule of Assets and Liabilities
  • Statement of Financial Affairs Schedules (SOFA)
  • Initial Trustee Package
  • Monthly Operating Reports (MOR)
  • Participate at the IDI meeting, Credits Meetings, Court Hearings
  • Cash collateral Reports
  • Identity Contracts for assumption
  • Cure Payment Analysis
  • Negotiations with contract parties
  • Identity Contracts for rejection
  • Projections and Budgeting
  • Negotiations with Creditors and stakeholders
  • Claims Administration
  • Supporting documents for the Plan and Disclosure Statement
  • DIP Financing
  • Sale-Hold analysis


Our Work Team