Number One Rule in Workout, Turnaround or Bankruptcy

The number one rule in a workout, turnaround or Bankruptcy is to stay very involved and have a “never give up” mindset. If your team, professionals and opposition see or sense that you do not have faith, energy or have abandoned the ship, then you're done. number one rule more

Top 10 Workout and Turn Around Mistakes

Avoid these top 10 workout and turn around mistakes. turn around mistakes
  1. Taking money out of your retirement account or other protected assets to prop up your business or investment.
  2. Not being involved, giving up, being undependable or acting like a goof ball. Your business is on the line, you...

How One Business Bounced Back from Bankruptcy

After purchasing casual dining chain Fatburger in 2003, CEO Andy Wiederhorn fought for years to turn around the company's performance. But, faced with an ineffective management team and the recession, he finally resorted to Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings for two of the restaurant’s west coast subsidiaries in 2009. Bankruptcy Since...

Hidden Treasures in Commercial Deals

There is an expression that you get the good with the bad and the bad with the good.  It is critical to have a complete and thorough understanding of what you’re getting before you purchase a property.  These types of transactions can be compared to a marriage, particularly with the vows of in sickness and...

Successful Commercial Bridge Loan Refinance

GFCIB and Advisors, LLC is pleased to announce that it has once again successfully represented a client! We have closed on a commercial bridge loan refinance transaction for a sophisticated private real estate investor located in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. The ownership engaged GFCIB and Advisors, LLC to provide exclusive financial advisory and loan...

Great Property Foreclosed On: How You Can Avoid This Fate

I just read an interesting article about the Executive Airport Business Center that was sold through a mortgage foreclosure. It was bought for more than the former mortgage price and at the time it was foreclosed on, it was 91% leased. If the original owner had reached out to us and used our services, the original...

We Welcome a Fresh Perspective to Drive our Efforts in the Hospitality Industry

July 5, 2015 Huntingdon Valley, PA./Fort Lauderdale Fl. GFCIB and Advisory, LLC, a nationally recognized financial advisory firm for commercial real estate owners, developers, builders and medium sized business announced that Paul Lipschutz has joined the firm. Paul brings with him a lifetime of experience in a variety of industries including lodging; beverage; Property management, sports management and...

Everything You Need to Know About CMBS Loans

Commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS loans) are bonds designed to finance investments on commercial loan portfolios and sold to investors worldwide. The income from such property is passed on from the property owner to the bond holder. The high-income yielding CMBS market went through a severe downturn in 2008, followed by a gradual period of recovery...