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If you’re having challenges with your business or real estate holdings  and weren’t sure how to solve them, you would probably want to pick a dream team of consultants to help navigate through the challenging times ahead. What would the team look like?

1. Debtor defense: You would probably want someone that has experience in working to help debtor/ businesses inside and outside of court.

2. Creditor experience: Ideally, someone on your team should know what it’s like to be a collector for a lending institution.  They can help predict what the lenders are going to to do and how best to handle it.  Since they’ve done it, they know how to speak the same language to the lenders to help negotiate the best possible outcome.

3. Lending experience: Someone who has the ability to bring in new money to the company to help fund working capital, inventory, equipment & to payoff existing lenders when the time is right would be crucial to have on the team.

4. Business experience: Trained professionals are great, but only other business owners know what the pressure of these situations feels like for the owner.  They understand the sleepless nights and the challenges and can help bring in effective strategies to help deal with them.

At GFCIB, we have all of the above.

Saving Clients Money & Protecting Their Interests: GFCIB has saved tens of millions of dollars for small business owners, as well as owners of commercial, multi-family, retail, office and other investment properties in throughout the nation with loan workout & new financing  both inside and outside of a chapter 11 plan.

The partners at GFCIB are former bankers and private portfolio managers, supervising foreclosure & collections for hundreds of commercial loans. They’ve foreclosed on property, repossessed equipment, confessed judgments & collected on them.  They’ve reported to federal regulators, banks, private equity funds & private investors on how best to collect from a lenders point if view. They know where the lenders strengths are and where their weaknesses are.

With over 50 years of cumulative lending experience, the partners at GFCIB have arranged hundreds of millions of dollars in fundings for equity & debt with all types of businesses & collateral.

Most importantly, the partners at GFCIB are small business owners.  They understand the sleepless nights and the pressure.

The emotional and financial trauma from the loan workout process can be overwhelming. When you are at risk of losing your hard-earned property and other defining assets, it may seem as if all hope is lost and there is no way out. But you are NOT alone, and there IS a way out. There are effective strategies for getting the focus back for both the business & the business owner.

Peace of Mind – When you put everything on the line for your financial interests, you should never have to fight alone. While you manage your business and your personal interests, GFCIB will defend your property and negotiate on your behalf.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade – The workout process does NOT have to be the end of your property or investment opportunity. GFCIB has learned what it takes to protect your hard-earned real estate and guide you back into the green.

We are not attorneys. We are not attempting to replace an attorney.  We work with attorneys to help to bring together an all around great team.  To use an football analogy, the attorney is the quarter back. GFCIB is special teams.

What others have said about us:

– “Jack, I enjoyed working with you and learned quite a bit.  I often think about your “Are you losing sleep?” mantra several times on different matters. Your expertise was a key asset to our strategy… It made all the hard work worth it. ” – Jack Marshall, Attorney

“You’re a good egg, Jack, you’re a good egg.”


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