Stay involved and focused when doing a workout

The number One rule in a workout, turnaround or Bankruptcy is to stay very involved and have a never give up mindset. If your team, professionals and opposition see or sense that you do not believe, have faith, energy or have abandoned ship then your done.

Don’t be late for calls or meetings, return emails on time, unless its part of the strategy of course. Focus on the day to day business or property and what you need to do to improve the situation. Focus on the legal aspect of the battle your fighting.

You’re the leader and they take example direction and model from you in terms of the energy and drive from you.
If you have made up your mind to stay to the other side, then stay involved. If that means bringing in new management or professionals, that’s fine, do that. But if that is you, then you need to stay focused and keep pushing ahead. (You will gave good days and bad ones, but you need to try to have more good ones)

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