Don’t Lose Sleep over Your Troubled Real Estate Investment

Are you losing sleep over your troubled real estate investment? You are not alone. Call GFCIB and we’ll show you the many options you have to protect your interests.

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As a former bank CEO with over 20 years experience as a private lender, and long term commercial real estate investor, I’ve developed the expertise to reduce your financial and emotional costs. I know the toll it takes on everyone involved, and I’m here to help you. When experience matters, let me and my exceptional team at GFCIB and Advisors, LLC be your financial advocates.

Our services and specialties include real estate crisis management, restructuring/workouts, mortgage modifications and bankruptcy advisory.

If your real estate suffers from any of the following, we can help!

  • Upcoming or pending loan maturity
  • Negative equity, due to current market value and conditions
  • Lower cash flow and inability to meet the minimum debt service payments
  • Capital for tenant fit out, capital improvements and real estate commissions
  • Placed in bank workout department

We have represented many clients of all sizes, in all industries and in all areas of the United States, including: but not limited to:

  • 117,000 sq ft. Class B office building in the Midwest in bank negotiations
  • 92,000 sq ft. retail center in the South in financial restructuring
  • Multi-family in the Northeast in short sale negotiations, with full release of all guarantors
  • 11 Different investment properties in the Mideast in discounted payoffs, refinancing, sales
  • Small restaurant operator in the South in financial restructuring

We love to share our success stories with clients to show them what they have to look forward to, here a couple of our favorites!

A retail shopping center with good positive cash flow. The ownership had purchased the property about 3 years earlier with a balloon loan and was unable to refinance it. They had put in considerable equity and the initial loan-to-value was 50%. The current loan had matured and the lender wanted it paid off, so first the interest rate was raised, then the loan was put in default. However, after our negotiations, they gave the ownership a 24-month balloon with a 20-year amortization; they also removed all fees and costs and dropped the rate by 300 bp to 5.5%. Ultimately, it worked out to be a $74,000.00 annual savings to our clients… Not a bad day.

An office building owner in Ohio represented by us closed on a Discounted Note Purchase. The note was purchased back from their bank and was refinanced with a combination of outside and internal financing at a 25% discount.

Call today and I will fight for you and your financial rights.  We will do whatever is in our power and playbook so that you may be able to keep the property which you so deserve.

Jack Miller
(561) 221-0900 ext 238

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