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Commercial Mortgages in Default for Maturity and Technical Reasons

While I do not know the number, it seems there are countless preforming commercial mortgages that are put into default for technical reasons and maturities due. Lenders will put a perfectly paying mortgage in default in the second without hesitation. Owners need to beware of this and don't expect the lender to have any commonsense....

A turnaround plan put into play within minutes:

I was expecting the call, I had been pre notified that a business I was following, was in real trouble and would shut down or be sold under duress within a week or so. It was Sunday night around 9:20 PM, I received a text from the founder and CEO saying he know it was...

Holiday Benefits with a Hotel Mortgage Workout

If you’ve been struggling to keep your hotel afloat, now is the very best time to seek a hotel mortgage workout. Hotel Mortgage Workout With the holiday season quickly approaching, you should be expecting a boost in business. According to Fox 8, about 43% of Americans...

Successful Restructure of a Hospitality Property

GFCIB and Advisors, LLC, has once again successfully restructured a Hospitality Property in the Southern part of the Country. GFCIB exclusively represented the ownership in this financing restructuring workout. Hospitality “This was a small Hotel that had significantly differed maintenance, as well as the income, had dramatically declined...

Settled Hotel Client Dispute with Flagged Chain

We just settled a dispute for one of our long-time clients in the south. We had successfully done a number of financial restructuring assignments for this family-owned hotel, but this call for assistance from them was different than the services they usually request of us. They were in a dispute with, and sued their franchisor. Because our...

Number One Rule in Workout, Turnaround or Bankruptcy

The number one rule in a workout, turnaround or Bankruptcy is to stay very involved and have a “never give up” mindset. If your team, professionals and opposition see or sense that you do not have faith, energy or have abandoned the ship, then you're done. number one rule more

Top 10 Workout and Turn Around Mistakes

Avoid these top 10 workout and turn around mistakes. turn around mistakes
  1. Taking money out of your retirement account or other protected assets to prop up your business or investment.
  2. Not being involved, giving up, being undependable or acting like a goof ball. Your business is on the line, you...

How One Business Bounced Back from Bankruptcy

After purchasing casual dining chain Fatburger in 2003, CEO Andy Wiederhorn fought for years to turn around the company's performance. But, faced with an ineffective management team and the recession, he finally resorted to Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings for two of the restaurant’s west coast subsidiaries in 2009. Bankruptcy Since...