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Retail Rents continue to fall

according to continue in yesterdays WSJ, retail rents continue to fall, no surprises from anyone on the ground in the real world. What’s also typical is most real estate sales packages on retail centers are still selling them off rental growth and those cap rates... A fools game.... H Jack Miller Thoughts? ...

Press Release- A Big Discount

October 20, 2013 For Immediate Release: Huntingdon Valley,Pa./Fort Lauderdale,Fl. GFCIB and Advisory, LLC a nationally recognized financial real estate advocate and advisory firm for commercial real estate owners, developers, builders and mid sized businesses announced that it has just completed a deal for a discounted pay off between a client and its lender. While this deal was a...

Warning: Property Foreclosures Ahead Small companies face balloon payments on their mortgages—and no way to raise the money

As posted in the Wall Street Journal


Many small firms that own commercial property are facing big trouble The problem is simple: Banks typically re-evaluate commercial mortgages every five to 10 years. At that point, they can renew the loans, or ask business owners to pay them off. These days, lenders are a lot less...

Example Restructuring Transactions on a Retail Center

Here is an example of a real life deal. The property was a retail shopping center with good positive cash flow. The ownership had purchased the property about 3 years earlier with a balloon loan and was unable to refinance it.  They had put in considerable equity and the initial loan to value was 50%.  The...