Jack Miller, Down to Business radio show wants to interview business owners trying to raise money

Jack Miller, Down to Business

I recently started a weekly business talk radio show, called Jack Miller, Down to Business.  It airs every Thursday at 3:00 PM on 880 AM TheBiz out of Miami. It broadcasts throughout South Florida and on the internet at www.Thebiz.com and IHeart Radio.com

I am interested in interviewing people who are business owners or professionals to talk about their business and the challenges, breakthroughs, solutions and their up’s and downs. This is an excellent opportunity for them to publicize their business as well they may learn something and get any help they need from industry experts.

I am also going to start a segment called Elevator Pitch where people who need to raise money for a business and for a few minutes and give their investment pitch.  You never know who maybe listening and likes it. The goal with this is for the person pitching to try to connect with an investor listening, as well by doing it, they will sharpen their pitch and get publicity to them and their business.

Interviews can be done in person or over the phone, so they don’t need to be local.

In both cases the guest will be able to use this as a marketing piece if they want to and it’s our hope that those appearing make contacts or gain knowledge that help them.

You can follow the show on  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jack-Miller-Down-to-Business/570633196411523?ref=bookmarks

As well as listen to the shows on  https://soundcloud.com/jack-miller-147

If you know of anyone who you think would like this please feel free to pass this on.

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