Are You in Danger of Losing Your Commercial Buildings?

Are you in danger of losing your commercial buildings or other commercial real estate? Are you looking for an advocate who has your best interest in mind? Somebody knowledgeable on restructuring, real estate crisis management, workouts, modifications and bankruptcy support?

Commercial Buildings

As a former Bank CEO, and with over 20 years of experience as a private lender and long term commercial real estate investor, I know all too well what’s involved when problems happen. I am here to help you. When experience counts, let me be your advocate

You have options, and I can show you what they are and which ones you can qualify for. Whether you need commercial loan structuring or modification, I know the ins and outs and can help you figure out what is best for your commercial buildings and commercial real estate.

Filing a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy can actually benefit you and in most cases will allow you to keep the property. Most borrowers can qualify for loan restructuring or modifications if your property is non performing due to high vacancy or lower rents, have unexpected capital improvements, has a needed deferred maintenance, or has a significant loss in value in the last 3-5 years.

If your property has the following, you may be eligible for loan restructuring or modifications:
• Upcoming or pending maturity
• Negative Equity
• Unable to Refinance
• Change of ownership
• Unable to meet debt service payments
• Lower Cash Flow
• Bank put you in workout
Even if you have lost a property, you still may have rights and options.

Call me today, I will fight for you and the property

Jack Miller
Work: 561-221-0900 ext 238

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