Monthly Archives: January 2014

Stay involved and focused when doing a workout

The number One rule in a workout, turnaround or Bankruptcy is to stay very involved and have a never give up mindset. If your team, professionals and opposition see or sense that you do not believe, have faith, energy or have abandoned ship then your done. Don’t be late for calls or meetings, return emails...

Turn around and Workout Mistakes

1. Taking money out of your retirement account or other protected assets to prop up your business or investment. 2. Not being very involved, giving up, being undependable or a goof ball 3. Thinking your lender cares about you or your business and will work with you, your interest and there interests ...

For Immediate Release

January 4, 2014 For Immediate Release: Huntingdon Valley,Pa./Fort Lauderdale,Fl. GFCIB and Advisors, LLC, a nationally recognized financial advocate and advisory firm for commercial real estate owners, developers, builders and mid sized businesses, announced that it has once again successfully negotiated a settlement on a Commercial Land development property in the Suburbs of Chicago, This property was purchased at...